“Look Up” Manhattan, New York City – A  image captured by Noah, aged 3 yrs. (Edited by Dad)

I mentioned in my first post how my little Son Noah (Now 5) loved to steal my camera gear and how on a recent trip to New York, I had thought ahead and made sure I had a light but capable point and shoot camera for him to use.

The images on this blog post were all taken by Noah with his point and shoot camera. I’ve merely converted them to black and white and cropped. Why Black and White? Mainly because its my favourite and I was editing the other street images I took at the same time.

I was blown away by the “Look Up” image. It is abstract and striking with an interesting composition. An image I would be proud of (and wish I had taken it!). It was taken whilst we were doing the tourist thing on the double decker bus that travels up and down Manhattan. He just looked up and started taking images from his own perspective.

He also took a fee around Times Square which I  thought had a unique perspective and I wanted to share.

Plus I couldn’t leave out the image of his little solar powered hedgehog that sits in the front garden of our house. It has a motion sensor and its eyes light up when it detects movement. What impressed me the most was how sharp he managed to get the shot. I added a bit of vignette for the arty feel.

Yep I’m a proud dad! 🙂 Not just Noah, but also James and Lauren, my other two children. They are all awesome in their own ways and I  love them dearly.


Times Square, New York City – Noah, aged 3 yrs. (Edited by Dad)


Times Square, New York City – Noah, aged 3 yrs. (Edited by Dad)


“Peekaboo” Perth, Western Australia – Noah, aged 3 yrs. (Edited by Dad)

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