Approaching-Storm_Burns-Beach_Perth_WA_Black and White 

Approaching Storm (3X2BW0171)


Dramatic long exposure standard format image in black and white of a storm approaching Burns Beach at Perth in Western Australia.

One of my personal favourites. As I often did when living nearby, I wandered down to one of my favourite locations on Burns Beach, near Iluka, Perth, Western Australia. It was low tide, exposing the interesting weed covered reef which had numerous circular holes on its surface caused by years of erosion by the tide, surging waves and movement of sand. This added a degree of interest to the foreground with its circular patterns and incredible structure, which just screamed out for a dramatic black and white portrayal. To cap it off the hero of the image was an intense storm that was approaching fast from the north coast as the sun was setting low on the horizon.

It’s one of those times when everything just came together. I was fortunate enough to watch mother nature’s awesome spectacle and to be able to capture numerous images from the same storm, several of these making this portfolio, all for slightly different reasons. It was absolutely one of those special moments in my photography life, and totally unexpected just a couple of hours before. Whilst I take images for myself, this has proven quite popular with others which adds to the connection I have with this image.

Titled “Approaching Storm” for obvious reasons.

Burns Beach is located along the northern coastline of the city of Perth, Western Australia. Whilst parts of the beach are sandy, there is also a lot of limestone rock structure along its shoreline, making for interesting vistas, especially at sunset. The northern end is a preferred vantage point to capture colourful sunsets, so typical of the West Australian coastline.

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