Average-Afternoon_Sunset_Burns-Beach_Perth_WA_Black and White 

Average Afternoon (3X1BW0188)


Just an average afternoon sunset in black and white at Burns Beach, Perth, Western Australia.

Normally I don’t really shoot images before the sun has sunken below the horizon, however whilst scouting for a good vantage point for then the sky would transform I fired off a few frames of the scene before me. The result was a relatively simple image, with the exposed reef, typical clouds and movement of water composing the frame, whilst the sunburst star from the sun adds a bit of interest just as it is about to disappear from view. Given the structure of the reef, a short exposure revealing the choppy water and average clouds combined with fairly lack lustre sunset colour wise, I felt that black and white added to the appeal of the image. I don’t mind the colour version, it’s just that I prefer the black and white and hence that is the version that made the portfolio.

Title “Average Afternoon” is reflective of being just a typical day at the location.

Burns Beach is located along the northern coastline of the city of Perth, Western Australia. Whilst parts of the beach are sandy, there is also a lot of limestone rock structure along its shoreline, making for interesting vistas, especially at sunset. The northern end is a preferred vantage point to capture colourful sunsets, so typical of the West Australian coastline.

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