Blazing Winter Sky (1X1C2)


Colourful blazing winter sunset at Burns Beach, Perth, Western Australia.

The brightly coloured broken sky over Burns Beach near Perth, within Western Australia, presented challenges to keep things adequately exposed, especially with a slow shutter speed to mist the water as it flowed over the rocky shoreline and a camera with mediocre dynamic range. This is achieved using a graduated neutral density filter in front of the lens. Alternatively I could have taken multiple shots and combined them in post processing using Photoshop, but I actually have never bothered to learn, instead relying upon traditional in camera techniques where possible.

Taken on a winter’s day, with a particularly vivid sunset, I titled this “Blazing Winter Sky”.

Burns Beach is located along the northern coastline of the city of Perth, Western Australia. Whilst parts of the beach are sandy, there is also a lot of limestone rock structure along its shoreline, making for interesting vistas, especially at sunset. The northern end is a preferred vantage point to capture colourful sunsets, so typical of the West Australian coastline.

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