Build Up (1X1CB2A0155)


Early afternoon with a building storm on the horizon at North Trigg Beach in Perth, Western Australia.

With storms forecast I ventured down in the early afternoon to the northern most section of the Trigg Beach area in the North Perth suburb of Trigg within Western Australia. There wasn’t much happening at this stage, with a lot of people walking along the beach front, including several dogs intent on knocking over my camera gear or trying to leave their mark on my backpack!

I found a suitable spot for the angle that I wanted and set up my gear, took my light readings and captured some early afternoon long exposure shots using a 10 stop ND filter (frustrating with the amount of foot traffic) of this limestone rock outcrop on the shoreline.

Several of my attempts were foiled thanks to walk pasts or playful Labradors bumping into the tripod. Such is life at a beach on the cities doorstep I guess. Eventually I managed to get this shot as the storm clouds in the distance began to build and the rate of thunder increased. Hence the title “Build Up”. Overall I was pleased with the result and captured what I intended, including the misty water combined with the motion blur of the sky contrasting with the stationary tack sharp limestone outcrop on the shoreline.

Titled “Build Up” to reflect the timing of the image.

Trigg Beach is located in the northern Perth coastal suburb of Trigg, in Western Australia. Given its close proximity to the inner city, it receives a large number of visitors daily. The southern section of beach beyond Trigg Point, is sandy and open to surf, whilst the northern section has numerous limestone outcrops and fringing reefs which on small swells provide a degree of shelter to the beaches. That reef, combined with the rocks, also make for much more interesting photography.

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