Castle Rock Beach (3X1C3561)


Early morning long exposure tranquility at Castle Rock Beach, Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

I wanted to capture a different perspective that what most people focus on when coming to Castle Rock Beach, so arrived early before the sunrise and shot the opposite direction towards Meelup.

Using a long exposure I was able to compensate for the lack of light and flatten the water further to emphasise the tranquillity of being at Castle Rock Beach that early in the morning. The rocky outcrop midway down the beach provided an ideal focus point, and the distant point helped separate the sky from the water.

Titled “Castle Rock Beach” to reflect the location.

Castle Rock Beach is a popular swimming and fishing beach near Dunsborough in Western Australia’s beautiful South West. It’s also a very heavily photographed place perhaps due to its proximity to Dunsborough. The beach gets its name from the rock structure at the eastern end, which resembles a castle with a little imagination.

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