Clear Day (1X1C2644)


Almost cloudless day with clear water at Point Piquet between Eagle Bay and Meelup Beach near Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

Taken later in the day than the image “Sunrise”, a bit further around the bay at Point Piquet near Dunsborough. The early morning cross wind has dropped off and the sun is now high in the blue sky, lighting up the shallow clear water of the bay. A typical glorious south west spring day. A very different feel to the early morning image.

A basic composition intended to simply capture the natural beauty of the location on a beautiful near cloudless day. On this occasion I had my kids with me, so it was a rush to rock hop to the location, set up all my gear, take the shot, then get back to devoting time to them as they jumped from rock to rock and enjoyed the warm spring air. Great memories.

Titled “Clear Day” to reflect the clarity of the water and sky (if you ignore that one cloud on the horizon).

Point Piquet is located between Eagle Bay and Meelup Beach, near Dunsborough in the South West of Western Australia. A rocky bay with interesting rock formations at the point. Clear water, made more colourful by the rocky shoreline. As per many of the places along this coastline, heavily photographed due to ease of access from Dunsborough and the inherent beauty of the location.

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