Closing-in_Storm_Burns-Beach_Perth_WA_Black and White 

Closing In (1X1BW0176)


Incoming storm approaching the exposed reef at Burns Beach, Perth, Western Australia.

I was fortunate enough to watch mother nature’s awesome spectacle and to be able to capture numerous images from the same storm off Burns Beach, near Perth in Western Australia. Several of these images making this portfolio, all for slightly different reasons or alternative crops. It was absolutely one of those special moments in my photography life, and totally unexpected just a couple of hours before.

This is a square format crop of the standard 3×2 image “Fire in the Eye”. Providing an alternative narrower view point of the scene. The monochrome rendition adding a bit of drama and intensity to the image by enhancing the structure of the reef in the foreground and separating the storm clouds a bit more. It also loses the leading lines of the reef to the horizon in this format which allows more focus on the reef structure in front and then secondly the storm on the horizon. The wide angle lens ensuring the reef angles towards the centre of the frame to help lead the view point to the storm offshore.

Titled “Closing In” to reflect the movement of the storm as it moves closer to the coastline.

Burns Beach is located along the northern coastline of the city of Perth, Western Australia. Whilst parts of the beach are sandy, there is also a lot of limestone rock structure along its shoreline, making for interesting vistas, especially at sunset. The northern end is a preferred vantage point to capture colourful sunsets, so typical of the West Australian coastline.

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