Cloudy-Haze_Eagle-Bay_Dunsborough_South-West_WA_Black and White

Whilst it was reasonably warm and sunny where I was standing (well actually crouching when taking the image) yet out to sea a layer of low hanging clouds had formed. What made this scene interesting was the light lines below the cloud canopy, which at the time I assumed was a light sun shower out to sea. However I’m not 100% sure that it was actually raining at all and what I was seeing was rain haze. It may have just been rays of light caused by the sun which was high overhead.

Whatever it was, it created a cool effect and worked well in this large format black and white panoramic image. I chose black and white as I felt it enhanced the rain (?) haze and clearly defined the structure in the rest of scene, including the rocks, sand even the rippled water. This is one of my favourites from that trip.

Titled “Cloudy Haze” to reflect the lines falling from the clouds, creating a haze. Rain or sunlight, it doesn’t matter, I think they add interest.

The South West corner of Western Australia has many magical spots, with Eagle Bay, not far from Dunsborough a standout. Which is why I guess in the wooded hinterland behind it lies some of Western Australia’s most expensive holiday houses. The coastline is normally calm with clear water and white sandy beaches, separated by orange coloured rocky outcrops and points. Protected by Cape Naturaliste from the relentless large ocean swells, it is in stark contrast to the other side of the cape, world famous for its large and powerful surf breaks.