Cold and Wild (1X1C3207)


Cold and wild ocean washes over rocks at sunset over Honeycombs Beach, Yallingup, South West, Western Australia.

Taken at Honeycombs beach near Yallingup at sunset. It was a wild and woolly afternoon on the beach, which is just the way I like it when taking photos. Of course if I was going to the beach for a swim or surf then I’d prefer things a bit different. I guess living for so long in the North West of Western Australia and being spoilt by flat calm conditions with clear blue skies, wild conditions have a novelty appeal for me.

This image was composed with the foreground rocks and swirling water rushing past onto the beach to provide the initial point of interest, before being drawn into the water following the rocks to the wild waves in the background and subtle sunset forming on the horizon. These are the same rocks featured in the wider viewpoint presented in the later captured image “Honeycombs Sunset”.

Titled “Cold and Wild” to describe the conditions at the time of taking the image.

Honeycombs beach is a beautiful secluded beach, just south of Moses Rock, near Yallingup in the South West of Western Australia. A popular beach with families in summer, and surfers all year round. Beautiful white sands of the beach slope down towards the clear blue water of the beach, interspaced with rocky outcrops. Fully exposed to the large swells that impact this side of the cape, making for a wild and rugged place at times.

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