Cool Sand (1X1C2054)


Cold morning sunrise across Geographe Bay, Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

Despite being spring, the morning air was still cold, as the sun started to rise across Geographe Bay, near Dunsborough in the South West of Western Australia. Like the air temperature the sand was also cold. I knew this as to capture the image I had to adjust my tripod to its lowest level and effectively lay down in the sand to view my composition and focus through the view finder.

I wanted to capture the brightly coloured seedlings that were sprouting from the cool white beach sand in front of the emerging colourful sunrise. Luckily the wind was calm as I had to compensate with a slow shutter speed for the narrow aperture which was providing the required depth of field in the reasonably low light. I was rewarded with some good colour of not only the new growth and partially buried seaweed, but also the water and pastel coloured sunrise in the background.

This image was actually one of the single frames that made up the stitch for the image “Sand Tracks”. I’ve kept it as a standalone as I liked the simplicity of the square format and to avoid some of the distracting sun glare present in the panoramic format.

Titled “Cool Sand” to convey the thought I had as I laid upon it in the early morning to take the image.

Dunsborough is a small coastal town in the South West of Western Australia, 250 kilometres south of Perth on the shores of Geographe Bay. A popular tourist destination all year long, but especially so in the summer months when people come from far and wide to bath in the clear shallow water of the bay and experience the various local attractions of the Margaret River region including the world class wineries, boutique breweries and powerful surf.

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