Dark-Moods_Honeycombs_South-West_WA_Black and White 

Dark Moods (1x1BW3300)


Moody black and white portrayal of rocks in fading light on Honeycombes Beach near Yallingup, South West, Western Australia.

This is a moody black and white capture from Honeycombs Beach near Yallingup. Taken a full half an hour after sunset in almost dark conditions, it required a 30 second exposure and a jump up in ISO to achieve enough light to expose the image. A dramatically different feel to the “Honeycombs Sunset” image taken during the sunset period.

I purposely shot this with the graduated ND filter removed to try to get some light into the rapidly darkening sky and therefore provide some contrast to the darker foreground. I really liked the result. This image was taken intentionally as a black and white image, capturing some dark thoughts that occupied my mind at the time. Similar in mood and composition, although a lot darker than the image “Contemplation” from a similar vantage point.

Titled “Dark Thoughts” to not only reflect the ambient light, but also my mindset at the time.

Honeycombs beach is a beautiful secluded beach, just south of Moses Rock, near Yallingup in the South West of Western Australia. A popular beach with families in summer, and surfers all year round. Beautiful white sands of the beach slope down towards the clear blue water of the beach, interspaced with rocky outcrops. Fully exposed to the large swells that impact this side of the cape, making for a wild and rugged place at times.

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