Dispersing_North-Trigg-Beach_Trigg_Perth_WA_Black and White 

Dispersing (1X1BWB2A0190)


Long exposure of dispersing storm cloud over rocks at North Trigg Beach in Perth, Western Australia.

This square format black and white captured at Trigg Beach in Perth, within Western Australia, was taken half an hour after the image “Pre Soaking”.

Still dripping wet, after wiping my ND filters dry, the clouds above were rapidly changing and starting to break up. This image, regimentally sticking to the rules of thirds in this instance was intended to capture the dispersing of the clouds whilst they cast a dark shadow over the my rocky subject.

Composed to employ leading lines from the shore to the rocks witch then draw you to the middle of the frame and the dispersion of the cloud above. A long exposure employed to capture some of the movement in the sky and mist the water for aesthetic appeal. The choice of black and white providing a level of drama and moodiness to the image.

Titled “Dispersing” to reflect the clouds breaking up after as the storm passed over onto the main land.

Trigg Beach is located in the northern Perth coastal suburb of Trigg, in Western Australia. Given its close proximity to the inner city, it receives a large number of visitors daily. The southern section of beach beyond Trigg Point, is sandy and open to surf, whilst the northern section has numerous limestone outcrops and fringing reefs which on small swells provide a degree of shelter to the beaches. That reef, combined with the rocks, also make for much more interesting photography.

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