Dreamtime_Burrup-Peninsula_Dampier_Pilbara_WA_Black and White 

Dreamtime (1X1BW4555)


Aboriginal historic site on the ancient Burrup Peninsula near Dampier, North West, Western Australia.

Whilst this image doesn’t feature any of the rock art, there is plenty of it among the rocks in the distance. Having grown up in the area, I know the Burrup Peninsula like the back of my hand, regularly visiting it over many years.

On this occasion I decided to record some images for memories before leaving the area and moving down south. Whilst I took a large number of the art work, I also wanted some of the general landscape, hence this image’s composition. The use of black and white enhances the harsh structure of the terrain that its early inhabitants, the local Aboriginals had to deal with. Whilst harsh, it is also uniquely beautiful in its own way.

The title “Dreamtime” plays on the Aboriginal term dreamtime, reflective of the significance the area had to the ancient inhabitants.

The Burrup Peninsula and surrounding Dampier Archipelago near Dampier in the Pilbara region of North West, Western Australia is home to the highest concentration of rock art in the world. The rock art is estimated to date back 30,000 years and was created by the local Aboriginal people that roamed the rugged and harsh, yet beautiful area.

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