Edge_Iluka_Perth_WA_Black and White 

Edge (1X1BW3764)


Urban landscape black and white abstract of limestone lake edging at Iluka, Perth, Western Australia.

An abstract urban landscape image of limestone lake edging at Sir James McCuster Park within the Northern Perth suburb of Iluka in Western Australia.

Defiantly not what I would normally take images of, however any excuse to put together a black and white image, then why not? I was experimenting with some urban landscape themes and decided to walk down to my local park to see what could be worth an image or two. I liked how the limestone edging of the manmade lake curved. So getting down low I composed the image to highlight this curvature splitting the fame in two, separating the water from the paving.

Titled “Edge” to reflect the main subject of the image.

Iluka is an affluent beach side suburb of Perth, Western Australia. It is located within the City of Joondalup to the north of Perth. Its residents are mainly established families and as a result there are numerous parks throughout. One of which is the Sir James McCuster park which features a large duck pond with wooden bridges, flowing water over small rock waterfalls, numerous pathways, BBQ areas and a children’s playground. At one end of the park there is an amphitheater surrounded by a couple or large limestone edged ponds, complete with water fountains. It’s here where the image was taken.

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