Exposed (1X1C3228)


Exposed rocks on Honeycombs Beach, Yallingup, South West, Western Australia.

A slightly different composition to the image “Cold and Wild” taken at sunset on Honeycombs Beach, near Yallingup in the South West of Western Australia. This time focusing on the smaller outcrop of rocks that led to the bigger one featured in the “Cold and Wild Image”.

These were left high and dry, apart from the periodic washing by the white water as it raised up the beach on the bigger set waves. The receding water sucking away little bits of sand each time, creating a hollow around the rocks along with some interesting patterns.

I wanted this to be the focus of the image and thus put it towards the centre line of the frame, slightly offset to the right to help balance the headland in the distance. A two second exposure adding life to the water flowing around the rocks and in the whirlpool like ocean in the back ground.

A wider angle view of the beach can be seen in “Honeycombs Sunset” which is in standard format. However I also like this more compressed format too.

Titled “Exposed” to reflect the rocky outcrops exposure to multiple elements of nature.

Honeycombs beach is a beautiful secluded beach, just south of Moses Rock, near Yallingup in the South West of Western Australia. A popular beach with families in summer, and surfers all year round. Beautiful white sands of the beach slope down towards the clear blue water of the beach, interspaced with rocky outcrops. Fully exposed to the large swells that impact this side of the cape, making for a wild and rugged place at times.

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