First Light (3X1C2519)


First light at Eagle Bay near Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

This image was taken before sunrise in the vicinity of Eagle Bay, near Dunsborough in the South West of Western Australia. A long shutter speed being needed to expose the image correctly, otherwise we may be looking at a black rectangle, and I’m sure that isn’t really what you’re here for. The long exposure flattens and mists the water, creating a calm and peaceful feeling to the image. However even without a long exposure the water was very calm to begin with, which is so often the case on the protected side of Cape Naturaliste.

The composition was designed to take you around the image, so that you could take it all in, with the final focus on the little bay and the textures above and below the water. From the white sand and noticeable flotsam line which curves through the centre of the frame, to the orange rocky point that curves back into the frame via the numerous rock outcrops in the water and the fingers of reef below the surface within the bay. I felt it was reasonably balanced and allowed you time to analyse the various elements that completed the composition.

The cool blue colour of the water helps convey the coolness of the early morning spring day and the less exposed landscape helping illustrate the pre sunrise period. Which is why I kept this image in colour, as in black and white you would lose this portrayal and as a result the intent of what I was trying to share.

Titled “First Light” to describe the timing of the image, prior to the sunrise.

The South West corner of Western Australia has many magical spots, with Eagle Bay, not far from Dunsborough a standout. Which is why I guess in the wooded hinterland behind it lies some of Western Australia’s most expensive holiday houses. The coastline is normally calm with clear water and white sandy beaches, separated by orange coloured rocky outcrops and points. Protected by Cape Naturaliste from the relentless large ocean swells, it is in stark contrast to the other side of the cape, world famous for its large and powerful surf breaks.


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