Framed (1X1C2542)


Framed sunrise at Meelup Beach, Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

Thanks to a missed turn, I ended up at Meelup beach and was luckily enough to witness an intensely coloured sunrise.

I wanted to compose an image which utilised the grass and trees in the foreground to frame the sunrise somewhat, so set about composing the image with that in mind.

This version is in square format, with a reasonably long shutter speed to frost the water and allow the full colour of the sunrise to come through. The sunlight lighting up the lime green grass nicely in the process.

I was pretty happy with the image, but couldn’t decide on this or the standard format “Intense Meelup”. So lucky you gets both in the portfolio.

Titled “Framed” to reflect the framed composition created by the trees and grass in the foreground.

Meelup Beach is located in the South West of Western Australia, between Dunsborough and Eagle Bay. An idyllic beach setting with white sands, colourful rocks and crystal clear water. The coastline is normally calm with clear water and white sandy beaches, separated by orange coloured rocky outcrops and points. Protected by Cape Naturaliste from the relentless large ocean swells, it is in stark contrast to the other side of the cape, world famous for its large and powerful surf breaks.

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