Gantheaume Point (1X3C3298)


Contrasting colours of Gantheaume Point, Broome, Kimberley, North West, Western Australia.

A frequent traveller to Broome, much of my photography had focused on the stunning sunsets over Cable Beach near Broome, however on this occasion I decided to venture down to Gantheaume Point to see if I could capture something worthwhile. I managed several good images which captured which I felt summed up the area.

This particular image was intended to show case the sharp edged, rich orange and red sandstone pillars the point as they jutted into the turquoise water of the Indian Ocean, providing the contrast of colour I was looking for. The vertical panoramic representation also enables the deep blue Kimberly sky to compete the third element of the frame.

Simply titled “Gantheaume Point” to reflect the uniquely recognisable location.

Gantheaume Point is located near Broome in the Kimberly region within the far north west of Western Australia. It has striking red and orange coloured sandstone rocky outcrops and low cliffs that contrast with the turquoise water of the Indian ocean and white sands of Cable beach in the distance. The area, along with much of the Broome area is rich in history. From being bombed in world war two by the Japanese, the thriving pearling industry that operated from the town of Broome and being rich is reminders of ancient times. One of which is located at the base of the red cliffs of Gantheame Point. On low tide you can walk along the sandstone reef platform and view real dinosaur foot prints fossilised in the sandstone.

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