Great Start (1X1C2536)


Great start to the day at Point Piquet near Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

This is one of the frames from the “Sunrise” image taken at Point Piquet, near Dunsborough. It provides a different perspective of the sunrise depicted in the panoramic version, in that I’ve allowed more of the blue sky above the sunrise hue within the composition. Once again breaking some established compositional rules, but in my mind it still works and offers an interesting alternative.

Titled “Great Start” to reflect a great way to start the day by getting up early and watching the sunrise over the Indian Ocean, especially considering on the west coast of Australia, there are limited places to do so on the mainland.

Point Piquet is located between Eagle Bay and Meelup Beach, near Dunsborough in the South West of Western Australia. A rocky bay with interesting rock formations at the point. Clear water, made more colourful by the rocky shoreline. As per many of the places along this coastline, heavily photographed due to ease of access from Dunsborough and the inherent beauty of the location.

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