Colourful Honeycombs Beach Sunset, Yallingup, South West, Western Australia.

Honeycombs Sunset (3X2C3252) – Limited Edition


Colourful Honeycombs Beach Sunset, Yallingup, South West, Western Australia.

A more complete view of Honeycombs Beach in the South West of Western Australia, compared to the images “Cold and Wild” and “Exposed”.

In this image the sunset had started to ‘pop’ and the pink hue behind the clouds, towards the right of the frame had started to intensify as the sun sunk further below the horizon. The rocks and foreground a little brighter due to a slight increase in exposure through a 3.2 second shutter speed.

The composition was created to provide several elements of interest, from the sediment in the sand along the shoreline, to the colour and structure of the rock outcrop, the rough water in the back ground, distant headland and colourful cloud lined sky. The hero undoubtedly being the rock outcrops, however the other elements help set the scene.

Titled “Honeycombs Sunset” to describe both the location and timing of the image. Once again not the most inventive of titles, but it is accurate!

Honeycombs beach is a beautiful secluded beach, just south of Moses Rock, near Yallingup in the South West of Western Australia. A popular beach with families in summer, and surfers all year round. Beautiful white sands of the beach slope down towards the clear blue water of the beach, interspaced with rocky outcrops. Fully exposed to the large swells that impact this side of the cape, making for a wild and rugged place at times.

Note: This image is a limited edition and as such the number of prints will be limited to 100.  For more information click here.

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