Incoming-Storm_North-Trigg-Beach_Trigg_Perth_WA_Black and White 

Incoming Storm (3X1BWB2A0181)


A building storm approaches North Trigg Beach, Perth, Western Australia.

Not long after capturing the image “Long Exposure Trigg”, the storm clouds rolled in along off the Indian Ocean and across the coast at Trigg. This shot was taken to capture the calm before the storm as it rapidly approached the shore just on sunset.

A long exposure used to mist the water and blur the change from sand to water. Black and white used to add some drama enhance the threatening sky.

Titled “Incoming Storm” to reflect the movement of the storm towards the land.

Trigg Beach is located in the northern Perth coastal suburb of Trigg, in Western Australia. Given its close proximity to the inner city, it receives a large number of visitors daily. The southern section of beach beyond Trigg Point, is sandy and open to surf, whilst the northern section has numerous limestone outcrops and fringing reefs which on small swells provide a degree of shelter to the beaches. That reef, combined with the rocks, also make for much more interesting photography.

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