Jindalee-Arvo_Jindalee_Perth_WA_Black and White 

Jindalee Arvo (1X1BW7373)


Cloudy sunset over the beach at Jindalee, Perth, Western Australia.

On a rare balmy summers afternoon I walked down to my local beach at Jindalee to see if I could capture some nice sunset images from the beach. It’s quite rare to not have much wind in the afternoon in this part of the world. Normally after lunch the sea breeze kicks in, turning idyllic beach settings into windy, hold onto your hats locations. So must people hit the beach in the morning, then go home before the sea breeze strengthens and the whitecaps on the ocean form.

However on this afternoon the sea breeze never came in, so the conditions remained calm and inviting. Evident by the numerous people walking along the beach or frolicking in the shallows. It was a great place to be and witness a typically beautiful Western Australian sunset over the water. Clouds in the sky keeping temperatures milder than usual too, which was a welcome relief from the scorching summertime norm. Unfortunately the ideal conditions meant that finding a stretch of beach where by the foot traffic wasn’t too bad to take long exposure images was somewhat of a challenge. If I had a dollar for every time a frisky dog or oblivious walker ruined a long exposure image, I’d be a millionaire by now. However I realise the beach is for everyone and on such afternoons it is to be expected, so I was content with hoping to grab an uninterrupted frame or two. Worse case is I get none, but get to enjoy my surroundings and feel the warm sand between my toes.

Given the sky was filled with interesting clouds, which is what attracted me down to the beach in the first place because of the sunset image potential, I decided to capture some early captures whilst the sun was relatively high and the sunset colours still hadn’t materialised. Perfect for my favourite moody and dark black and whites, with this image resulting.

Titled “Jindalee Arvo” to reflect the location and timing of the image. “Arvo” being Australian slang for afternoon.

Jindalee is an outer coastal suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located approximately 40 kilometres north of Perth’s central business district.
Jindalee is bounded by an east-west line near Eglinton Rocks to its north, Butler to the east and Quinns Rocks to the south. It’s a new suburb of sprawling beach side homes, many with million dollar views of the Indian Ocean from Mindarie Marina in the South to Alkimos in the North, which naturally forms its western boundary. The beach is a mixture of white sand beaches which provide good swimming opportunities, reasonably protected from large swells by offshore reefs and rock low-lying limestone cliffs that line the shoreline.

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