Jindalee-Starburst-Sunset_Jindalee_Perth_WA_Black and White 

Jindalee Starburst (1X1BW7413)


A sunset starburst in black and white over the beach at Jindalee, Perth, Western Australia.

Taken on the same afternoon as “Jindalee Arvo”, this image was purposely composed to give a gentler, less dark and moody feel. I wanted to try to convey the calmness and balmy nature of the afternoon with less contrast in the image achieved by using the clean white sands in the foreground rather than the ragged limestone rocks and a longer exposure to flatten the water further.

I composed the image to include clear leading lines through the little rocks half buried in the wet sand of the shoreline, through to the suns reflection on the water and finally arriving at the starburst created by the sun as it emerged through a gap in the clouds during the early stages of the sunset.

I was happy with both the composition and effect, feeling it achieved my objective of conveying the environment on this afternoon. A simple but effective image in my mind.

Titled “Jindalee Starburst” to reflect the star effect by the direct light from the sun on the lens.

Jindalee is an outer coastal suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located approximately 40 kilometres north of Perth’s central business district.
Jindalee is bounded by an east-west line near Eglinton Rocks to its north, Butler to the east and Quinns Rocks to the south. It’s a new suburb of sprawling beach side homes, many with million dollar views of the Indian Ocean from Mindarie Marina in the South to Alkimos in the North, which naturally forms its western boundary. The beach is a mixture of white sand beaches which provide good swimming opportunities, reasonably protected from large swells by offshore reefs and rock low-lying limestone cliffs that line the shoreline.

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