Late Afternoon Wave (1X1C1123)


A wave breaks in the late afternoon as the sun sets over Burns Beach, Perth, Western Australia.

Living close by, on a not particularly inspiring afternoon, I decided to take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline of Burns Beach in the northern coastal suburbs of Perth in Western Australia. Being a keen surfer, I’m always attracted to breaking waves, often watching them for long periods of time as they roll across the shallow reef, exploding in a ball of foam and spray.

On this particular afternoon the sun was starting to set as I made my way to my preferred vantage point for sunset photography, when I noticed the small shore break that collided with the shallow reef started to be back lit by the setting sun from behind. I decided that it warranted a few frames as it was a nice scene that felt calming to me, despite the obvious raw energy of the ocean crashing into the land. Whist not a dramatic or spectacular image or even technically good by any counts, it seems to resonate with me and for some strange reason I like it. At the end of the day that is what counts, first and foremost I shoot landscapes for me.

Titled “Late Afternoon Wave” to reflect the late afternoon timing of the image.

This is a square crop of the panoramic image “Backlit” and was created as I liked the foreground interest of the foamy water inundating the rocky shore line. Just a different perspective to the panoramic version.

Burns Beach is located along the northern coastline of the city of Perth, Western Australia. Whilst parts of the beach are sandy, there is also a lot of limestone rock structure along its shoreline, making for interesting vistas, especially at sunset. The northern end is a preferred vantage point to capture colourful sunsets, so typical of the West Australian coastline.

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