Leader Of The Pack (1X1C1403)


Lined up limestone pillars of the Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Cervantes, Central West, Western Australia.

This is a typical photograph of the Pinnacles Desert, showing the structure of the pinnacle pillars rising from the yellow sands that surround them.

I noticed that when walking around the park that from different angles it often appeared that the individual pinnacles were lined up. I decided to compose an image reflecting this, despite the reality they are really random in pattern. I had to take extra care in this image and utilise a bit of focal length to avoid my own shadow appearing in the image.

Titled “Leader of the Pack” as an interpretation of the lined up pinnacles with the one closest to the foreground being presented as the leader.

The Pinnacles desert is a major tourist attraction within the Nambung National Park east of Cervantes in the Central West of Western Australia. Being only approximately 2 hour’s drive from Perth it receives up to 250,000 visitors per year, and as a result is a very heavily photographed area. It contains thousands of limestone pinnacles, some up to 5m high. Formed many thousands of years ago through the act of rain falling on stabilised sand dunes. This then leached down through the sand carrying calcium which resulted in the lower levels of the dunes solidifying into limestone. Eventually the dunes de stabilised and were blown away revealing the Pinnacles which remained.

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