Lonely-Block_Cooya-Pooya_Roebourne_Pilbara_North-West_WA_Black and White 

Lonely Block (2X3BW1327)


Abandoned engine block in the outback, near Cooya Pooya Station, Roebourne, Pilbara, North West, Western Australia.

Growing up in nearby Karratha, I have visited the Cooya Pooya Station area countless times, exploring the many tracks in the area, discovering other abandoned homesteads, water holes and places of aboriginal significance. I have shared many secret spots that I discovered over the years with friends, often camping out under the stars and enjoying the solitude that only the remote north west can provide. Unfortunately I took the place for granted and never really took many images of it. Prior to leaving the area in the mid 2000’s I managed to get out and take some images.

This one is of a lonely old Ford engine block, left to rust amongst the red dirt and spinifex. With a commanding view of the tablelands behind Cooya Pooya, it provided an ideal subject. Converted to black and white to bring out the structure of both the block and the surrounding harsh land it has been laid to rest upon. Hopefully I can return one day armed with a decent camera to really capture some images that gives this place some justice.

Titled “Lonely Block” since it sits alone in the elements with infrequent visitors.

Cooya Pooya Station is an old abandoned sheep station dating back to the mid to late 1800’s on the banks of the Harding River, near Roebourne in the Pilbara region of North West, Western Australia. In the early 1980’s it was abandoned due to the construction of the Harding Dam at Lockyer’s Gorge on the Harding River. Over the 19th century it changed hands several times and had its fair share of tragedy bestowed upon it. It played a substantial part in the pastoral history of the North West of Western Australia and was once a thriving station of significant importance, as such it has been awarded heritage status by the government. Now in ruins due to the impact of the frequent cyclones that lash the area, the harsh Pilbara sun and unfortunately fire and vandalism.

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