Long Exposure Trigg (1X1CB2A0168)


An early afternoon long exposure of rocks on North Trigg Beach, Trigg, Perth, Western Australia.

This is a different perspective of the limestone outcrop featured in the image “Build Up” at Trigg Beach, in the northern Perth coastal suburb of Trigg. A single long exposure, made possible by a 10 stop neutral density filter, used to mist the water and blur the fast moving clouds of the developing storm.

I composed the image to provide leading lines from the bottom left of the frame diagonally across the image following the shores edge, defined by a change of colour, to the rocky outcrop, slightly offset to the right. This then has a leading line from the clouds, almost funnelling upwards into the fast cloud structure.

One of my favourite colour images, and one that proves some drama and intensity can still be achieved with colour as opposed to the old faithful Black and white.

Titled “Long Exposure Trigg” as the desired effect wouldn’t have been possible without it.

Trigg Beach is located in the northern Perth coastal suburb of Trigg, in Western Australia. Given its close proximity to the inner city, it receives a large number of visitors daily. The southern section of beach beyond Trigg Point, is sandy and open to surf, whilst the northern section has numerous limestone outcrops and fringing reefs which on small swells provide a degree of shelter to the beaches. That reef, combined with the rocks, also make for much more interesting photography.

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