Meelup View (2X3C2365)


Sunny day time view of the contrasting colours of Meelup Beach, Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

Taken on a beautiful day on the coastline near Meelup Beach. This image was composed to capture the colours of the calm crystal clear shallows, combined with the orange rocks and blue sky broken up with some light clouds, providing for some back ground interest.

Such scenes like this are very much standard fare for this part of the south west coastline, making attractive for scenic photography. It’s also a popular spot for beach wedding ceremonies in summer. The colourful coastline providing a great back drop.

Breaking the traditional rule of thirds, I placed the horizon in the middle of the frame, so to provide equal doses of foreground and background sky to be just a little bit different. Despite this the composition was set up to utilise the rocks as leading lines into the centre of the frame. To me it still works, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so maybe it doesn’t work for you. Another version of this is the image “Near Meelup” which may appeal more.

Titled “Meelup View” to simply describe my view at Meelup.

Meelup Beach is located in the South West of Western Australia, between Dunsborough and Eagle Bay. An idyllic beach setting with white sands, colourful rocks and crystal clear water. The coastline is normally calm with clear water and white sandy beaches, separated by orange coloured rocky outcrops and points. Protected by Cape Naturaliste from the relentless large ocean swells, it is in stark contrast to the other side of the cape, world famous for its large and powerful surf breaks.

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