Mindfulness (1X1C3012)


Moody late sunrise over Geographe Bay, Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

This image was taken walking along the beach at Dunsborough, heading towards Quindalup, where a number of boats were moored in the calm clear water of Geographe Bay.

Whilst most of the colour from the sunrise had now faded due to the thick low cloud cover, there were still rays of light shining down from the sun as it rose higher in the sky. The water was calm and the atmosphere very quiet and peaceful, presenting an ideal time to sit down and clear ones thoughts and meditate.

I wanted to capture the serenity of the morning, and allow the viewer to see themselves walking along the beach, listening to nothing but the sound of the little waves lapping upon the shore, in a soothing and consistent rhythm.  A time to forget about your stresses and just clear your mind and for a short period of time be free from the negative burdens of everyday life.

The frame was composed to provide a leading line down the beach from the bottom left corner through to the middle righthand of the frame, before a horizontal leading line from the point directs the eye to the centre of the frame and hero of the sun rays coming from behind the clouds and blessing the moored boats.

Titled “Mindfulness” to reflect the meditative and calming state that such a morning can convey.

Dunsborough is a small coastal town in the South West of Western Australia, 250 kilometres south of Perth on the shores of Geographe Bay. A popular tourist destination all year long, but especially so in the summer months when people come from far and wide to bath in the clear shallow water of the bay and experience the various local attractions of the Margaret River region including the world class wineries, boutique breweries and powerful surf.

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