New Life (3X1C3718)-Limited Edition


New life begins as a mangrove shoot sprouts from the tidal flats at Roebuck Bay, Broome, Kimberley, North West, Western Australia.

My plan was to take some images of the red pindan cliffs against the turquoise water of Roebuck Bay, just outside of the town of Broome.

Unfortunately I hadn’t checked the tides (strange as my life used to revolve around them!) and when I arrived at the chosen location to hopefully get a nice sunrise, the tide was well out. On top of this, there was an early morning foggy haze which sometimes occurs in the humid areas of the north. An hour or so later it would burn off and the clear blue sky would be revealed.

I spotted a large single mangrove tree on the mudflats 100m out, so thought that perhaps that might make a good subject. On my way, slogging through the shin deep mud, I noticed a single mangrove seedling sprouting from the mud as the sun started to rise. The sunrise was casting a golden glow onto the wet mudflats, reflecting off the little pockets of water trapped in the ripples in the mud. Immediately it came to me how symbolic this little tree, starting its new life was. So I took a few frames before continuing on to the mature tree further out.

Unfortunately none of the images I shot that day were really anything worth sharing, apart from this little seedling. I actually didn’t think that much of the image, however it has proven to be very popular with other people. Perhaps its symbolic nature of a new life appeals to them.

Titled “New Life” to reflect the beginning of life and the struggles we often go through as we begin our journey to maturity.

Mangrove lined Roebuck Bay is located near Broome in the Kimberly region within the far north west of Western Australia. The Bay is named after HMS Roebuck, the ship captained by William Dampier when he explored the coast of North-Western Australia in 1699.

The bay provided anchorage of the North West Pearling Fleet on the late 1800’s until the mid 1900’s. Roebuck Bay is an incredible place to view migratory birds and a diverse range of marine life in their natural habitat.


Note: This image is a limited edition and as such the number of prints will be limited to 100.  For more information click here.

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