Old-Jetty_Jurien-Bay_Central-West_WA_Black and White

Old Jetty (1X1BW1368)


Old jetty remains in black and white at Jurien Bay, Central West, Western Australia.

This image was taken during an Easter break on the main beach of Jurien Bay in Western Australia’s Central West. To the left of the old wooden jetty remains there is a new modern jetty, presumably replacing this one. It was a beautiful calm afternoon, with little wave action and cool pleasant temperatures.

Unfortunately the sunset didn’t really materialise this evening due to clear skies, however it was still a nice view from the beach. I decided due to the lack of colour in the sky that a black and white representation would serve best. Composing the image so that the diagonal shoreline leads to the jetty, which then in turn leads one’s eye to centre of the frame.

Titled “Old Jetty” to describe the old jetty ruins that run out into the Indian Ocean from the beach, once serving the fishing and rock lobster fishing industry many years ago.

Jurien Bay was first discovered by the Europeans in the 17th century and named Jurien Bay at the turn of the 18th century. First settled in the mid 1850’s, then in the early 1900’s a temporary fishing village was established on the bay near the jetty (possibly this one). It wasn’t until the 1950’s that the town was gazetted as Jurien Bay, before being renamed Jurien in 1959. It is now a popular holiday destination, especially since access from Perth, a 2 ½ hour drive, was improved with the Indian Ocean Drive in 2010.

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