Outcrop (1X1C3561)


Rock outcrop on the beach at sunrise, Castle Rock Bay, Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

In line with many of the images I have captured of Castle Rock Beach, my intention was to capture a different perspective that what most people focus on. This is achieved by shooting in the opposite direction, towards Meelup, instead of Castle Rock.

Using a long exposure I was able to compensate for the lack of light and flatten the water further to emphasise the tranquillity of being at Castle Rock Beach that early in the morning. The rocky outcrop midway down the beach helps split the frame into 3rds combined with the distant point and horizon.

The image is cool in colour and tone and I can assure you the climate was the same! Early mornings in the South West of Western Australia are often nippy first thing until the sun comes up and warms the land.

Titled “Outcrop” to reflect the focus point of the image, the orange / red coloured rocky outcrop.

Castle Rock Beach is a popular swimming and fishing beach near Dunsborough in Western Australia’s beautiful South West. It’s also a very heavily photographed place perhaps due to its proximity to Dunsborough. The beach gets its name from the rock structure at the eastern end, which resembles a castle with a little imagination.

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