Pandanas (1X3C4578)


Pandanas Palms on the food plains of the Mary River near Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

During my fishing trip to the Northern Territory, which had me flying around in helicopters to remote tidal creeks near the Daly River to riding in purpose built aluminium “Barra” boats chasing wet season run off barramundi in the Mary River, near Shady Camp, I managed to take a few images along the way.

This image taken not far from the man made Shady Camp barrage, where the freshwater interacts with the tidal salt water. It’s a unique place where green freshwater flood plains meet mangrove lined saltwater estuary’s. The birdlife is amazing, crocodiles plenty and the iconic Barramundi abundant. On the edge of the flood plain whist we cast lures for Barramundi, I paused to take a shot of a group of Pandanas palms reaching out of the flooded wetlands from the recent wet season rains.

Titled “Pandanas” to reflect the name of the stand of palms featured in the image.

The Mary River is approximately 3hrs drive east of the Northern Territory capital, Darwin in Northern Australia. The Mary River forms two major saltwater estuaries including many small creeks and channels that flow to the sea in Chambers Bay. The Shady Camp barrage was built in the late 1980’s constructed over a natural rock bar to restrict tidal saltwater entering the freshwater habitat. It’s at this point where the freshwater meets the saltwater tidal river there is excellent fishing for Barramundi at certain times of the year. As a result it is a popular place when the fish are biting. It is also a very popular place for saltwater crocodiles, holding some of the greatest concentrations of the reptiles in the Northern Territory. Definitely not a place to go for a swim.

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