Pastel Dreaming (1X1C3582)


Early morning subdued pastel coloured sunrise at Castle Rock Bay, Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

This image, captured on Castle Rock Beach near Dunsborough in the South West of Western Australia is of a similar style to “Cold Feet“,”High Key” and “Minimalist”. The intention being to create images which are simplistic in nature and composed to provide a calm feeling when viewing.

At this stage of the morning the sunset was mature and peaking in colour. Combined with a more northern angle, the sky was taking on an orange hue.
A shorter shutter speed was used to composite for the glare and results in more texture to the water, with less misting as a result.

Overall a warmer Image than the others taken that morning, disguising how cold it actually was.

Titled “Pastel Dreaming” to reflect the pastel colour palate of the image and convey the feeling of sitting on the sand (albeit cold) and dreaming of things to come, whilst the sun rises.

Castle Rock Beach is a popular swimming and fishing beach near Dunsborough in Western Australia’s beautiful South West. It’s also a very heavily photographed place perhaps due to its proximity to Dunsborough. The beach gets its name from the rock structure at the eastern end, which resembles a castle with a little imagination.

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