Peaceful-Thoughts_Geographe-Bay_Busselton_South-West_WA_Black and White 

Peaceful Thoughts (1X1BW3011)


Peaceful rendition of Geographe Bay in black and white, Busselton, South West, Western Australia.

This image was taken during the early morning from the shores of Geographe Bay, near Busselton in Western Australia. It was a very calm and peaceful day. I wanted to capture that feeling, so decided on a simple composition free of distractions to emulate walking along the beach and looking out to see, thinking of peaceful thoughts without the noise of the everyday hussle and bustle of life.

A similar style of image to “Cold Feet” , “High Key”, “Minimalist” and “Pastel Dreaming” which all are simplistic in nature and composed to provide a calm feeling when viewing. The difference with this image is it is in black and white. I felt in this case colour would be a distraction, so converted to low contrast monochrome.

Titled “Peaceful Thoughts” to reflect my mood at the time and also the scene that was before me on an overcast morning over Geographe Bay.

Geographe Bay is in the South West of Western Australia approximately 220 km from the states capital, Perth. The bay was named in 1801 by French explorer Nicolas Baudin who named the bay after his ship, Géographe.
It is a large shallow bay with clean white sandy beaches and uninterrupted calm clear water. Home to the towns of Busselton and Dunsborough.

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