Pastel_Sunset_Jindalee_Beach_Jindalee_Perth_Western_Australia_Colour“Pastel Sunset”  Jindalee Beach, Jindalee, Perth, Western Australia

Are you a budding landscape photographer that wants to improve your skills? Or perhaps just wanting to go for a photo shoot with like minded people, whilst being able to ask an expert for advice?

Perhaps you are just not sure on where to go? What settings to use? What is the best composition for given scene? When is the best light?

Well if any of these questions resonate to you, why not join me on a photography walk on one of Perth’s picturesque beaches.

Events will typically have a theme. They could be dramatic colourful sunsets, moody black and whites, to early morning pastel sunrises or even mid day summer shoots. Some events will suit absolute beginners and others for the more advanced photographer.

A  typical event will consist of meeting at a pre-determined time and location (normally the northern Perth beaches but occasionally anywhere). All walks will start with a quick get to know each other, followed by a quick briefing on what can be expected on the walk and some initial tips and tricks, not only to ensure you get the most out of the experience, but also to keep you safe.

Following this, we would normally walk to a location that will provide a good vantage point to hone your skills and hopefully allow you to capture an image or two that you will be proud of. Obviously the weather and environment on the day will play a big part in what can be achieved on any given shoot, however you can always find away to create an interesting shot if you are willing to think outside the square and perhaps change your focus.

During the shoot I’ll come around and give you advice or you can simply ask me questions as you need. Whilst you may not get a text book answer, the one you get will be based on my own experience and the techniques that I’ve used successfully to take the images you see within the portfolio on this website.

Note, typically I do not capture images myself, preferring to ensure I’m always available to answer questions or help out where I can. However on the more advanced shoots, I may set up my equipment to demonstrate certain techniques.

After the shoot, I’ll give a quick wrap up and some general suggestions on how to process your captures to maximise their potential. All participants can send me a copy of their processed images for me to critique for free. I’ll give you an honest opinion along with tips to make them even better or at least to arm you with future knowledge for next time. I’ve critiqued images for one of the recent winners of the prestigious AIPP West Australian and Australian Professional Photographer and Landscape Photographer of the year awards, so I guess I have some idea on what makes an image ok or not. That said, photography is both personal and subjective. What makes a good competition image, may not be the image that you like. We are all different and have different tastes in what we think is a good image. What is important is that you are happy with what you capture and I’m merely here to try to help you with proven techniques.

If you are not sure on what to do with regards to post processing, I’m also happy to do a basic edit for you for a modest fee.

More information on what you will need to bring to a particular shoot, times and locations will be available in the individual event notifications which are posted on the various platforms. Click here to go direct to my Meetup group “West Coast Photography Walks” where you can find details of upcoming events.

Until then, I hope to meet you at one of my events in the future.



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