Ponder_Quindalup-Boat-Ramp_Dunsborough_South-West_WA_Black and White

Ponder (1X1BW2901)


Moody black and white portrait of Quindalup Boat Ramp Jetty to ponder ones thoughts, Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

This image, captured at Quindalup Boat Ramp, near Dunsborough is very different to the others I have taken on past trips such as “Morning Storm” and “Early Start”. It is dark and unashamedly moody. Conveying my feelings at the time of capture, whilst my mind pondered elements of my life. Captured early in the morning prior to the sunrise in almost dark conditions, necessitating the use of a long exposure to provide an adequate exposure and to help convey the blurred emotions of my mind.

I wasn’t feeling very colourful at the time, perhaps I was just tired, so black and white was used to illustrate the emotion combined with the water and sky being blurred. Technically not perfect, but I am comfortable with this as the objective was to present an image which portrayed a raw and depressed emotion. I understand that this theme or style isn’t for everyone, especially those who have never experienced such feelings, but for those that have, perhaps you may feel a connection. So a very personal image for me, as are many of my moody and emotional black and white images.

Previously I have never released this image, or several others within this portfolio publically, as I didn’t think that they were really suitable. However recently I attended a lecture presented by award winning professional landscape photographer “Steve Gosling” whilst he was visiting Australia from the United Kingdom. His approach to photography was so similar to mine, that it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and it was ok for me to present images that were dark, moody and perhaps emotionally personal. Taken not for you, but for me. Perhaps over time I’ll share more of my “dark side” work, as I grow to feel more comfortable with exposing it.

Whilst some of the images don’t convey my own deeply personal emotions, but instead capture and illustrate mother nature’s darker moments, such as when she most angry in a violent storm. Sometimes I wasn’t feeling the emotion at the time of capture, but after reviewing the image in post processing it stimulates an emotion or reminds me of something, so quite often it is processed with that in mind. You’ll note that the vast majority of these images are in black and white, which I feel is the best for conveying such emotion, free from the distraction of colour. All sounds very morbid, but in reality I’m not a manic depressive, but like most people, occasionally I can slip into a more depressed or self-reflecting mindset. Honest!

Titled “Ponder” to reflect what I was doing that morning I took the image and the emotions I was feeling.

Quindalup Boat Ramp is really just a typical boat ramp that can be found at any number of locations in around Australia. However given there are no surrounding break walls to provide shelter from waves, combined with the stunning clear shallow water of Geographe Bay, It is quite photogenic. As such is has been photographed by a large number of people, at various states of tide and weather conditions. Quindalup is located just east of Dunsborough in Western Australia’s South West. The ramp is of a much higher quality than the local Dunsborough ramp which has no jetty, so it is heavily used, especially in the tourist season. To be able to take photos here without boats getting in the way, you either have to be up very early (which may still not guarantee a vacant ramp) or come down in conditions not conducive to boating. Luckily that is often when the images can be the best.

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