Red Cliffs (2X3C4511)


The red cliffs along the coastline near the Daly River, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

This image was taken from a helicopter, heading back to Darwin in the Northern Territory, which is in the top end of Australia. I had been on a Helifishing charter chasing the elusive Barramundi that lived in the numerous mangrove tidal creaks near the Daly River. I remembered a long line of red cliffs, presumably being made of red pindan dirt, that rose up from the coastal beach to meet the lush green vegetation on top. I suspect the large tides slowly eroded the shoreline, cutting into the red pindan earth.

With large afternoon thunderstorm clouds growing in the distance, I thought it would make a good image. Normally I would be shooting with the aid of a stable tripod, with time to compose and set the shot. Instead I was in a little helicopter vibrating up and down whilst travelling at speed along the beautiful remote coastline. Hardly ideal photographic conditions, however I managed to pull off this shot, which was a pleasant surprise.

One of my favourite images from my Northern Territory trip. I love the contrast of colour between the blue sky, green vegetation, red cliff and light brown shoreline. The thunder clouds adding to the composition and providing a good indicator as to why the vegetation is so lush.

Titled “Red Cliffs” to reflect the red cliffs that ran parallel with the shore line for several kilometres.

The Daly river is south west of the Northern Territory capital, Darwin in Northern Australia. A large river with an extensive flood plain flowing via countless creek systems into the warm Timor Sea. The river was originally discovered in 1865 by the explorer Boyle Travers Finniss, however it had been known to the local Aboriginals for thousands of years prior to this. A popular fishing spot, said to the one of the best places in Australia to catch the iconic Barramundi.

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