Rock-Piles_Burrup-Peninsula_Dampier_Pilbara_WA_Black and White

Rock Piles (1X1BW4552)


Black and white image of the ancient rock piles, full of aboriginal carvings, on the Burrup Peninsula, Dampier, Pilbara, North West, Western Australia.

Captured in the middle of the day to ensure plenty of contrast between the various elements of the image, including the amazing clouds in the blue sky. This image of the typical rock piles that are abundant on the Burrup Peninsula and surrounding lands near Karratha and Dampier in the North West of Western Australia was always destined to be black and white.

Whilst an ok image in colour, the monochrome version emphasises the structure of the rocks, their weathered surface and dry vegetation that grows in pockets between the carious rock piles.

Titled “Rock Piles” to reflect the unique large piles of rust coloured rocks that dominate the landscape.

The Burrup Peninsula and surrounding Dampier Archipelago near Dampier in the Pilbara region of North West, Western Australia is home to the highest concentration of rock art in the world. The rock art is estimated to date back 30,000 years and was created by the local Aboriginal people that roamed the rugged and harsh, yet beautiful area.

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