Rock-Pools_Cable-Beach_Broome_Kimberleys_North-West_WA_Black and White 

Rock Pools (1X1BWC9312)


Rock pools in the exposed reef flats of Cable Beach, Broome, Kimberleys, North West, Western Australia.

At low tide the low lying rocky reef flats on Cable beach trap water, before it can drain back into the Indian Ocean. On this evening after the sun had disappeared beneath the horizon I walked along the reef looking for suitable vantage points to aim my lens as the sun was fading and the colours were rapid changing in the sky. The reef structure, whilst not a thriving coral reef, was interesting non the less. Little fish, crabs, star fish and sea cucumbers huddled in the little rock pools awaiting the soon to arrive incoming tide to escape their temporary enclosures.

I wanted to highlight the reef structure, along with the movement of the tide, as night fell and the day came to an end. A long exposure combined with the contrast of black and white was chosen to highlight both. The reef line leading you through the image to the distant horizon and fading light.

A very different feel to the image “Rocky Flats” taken at the same location in colour when the colours rapidly changed from bland to intense pink and orange several minutes after this image.

Titled “Rock Pools” to reflect the little pools of water, providing temporary sanctuary to the sea life left behind.

Cable Beach is a 22 km stretch of pristine white sand beach, washed by the stunning turquoise water of the Indian Ocean near Broome in the Kimberly region within the far north west of Western Australia. Named after the telegraph cable laid between Broome and Java in 1889, its natural beauty attracts visitors from around Australia and the world.

The western facing beach experiences large tidal movements on a daily basis, peaking on the spring tides, where the tide can recede several hundred meters from the high tide mark, leaving interesting ripples in the sand. There are several sections where the low flat reef just offshore is exposed on low tide, making for excellent photographic opportunities with some foreground interest. Combined with the stunning sunsets typical of the northern Australian skies, it is heavily photographed as a result.

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