This image was captured on a windy spring day with a large swell running at Wyadup Rocks, near Yallingup in the South West of Western Australia. The waves breaking along the rocks, sending spray high into the air, before being blown by the strong winds further up onto the rocks. This made it near impossible to keep my equipment dry and prevented me from taking long exposures as I had originally intended. Before I could capture the frame, the salt spray build up on the ND filter used to facilitate the long exposure was excessive, rending the resultant image unusable.

So instead I wanted to highlight the intensity of the ocean with the large swells standing up out the back, then breaking and rolling as a wall of white water up onto the rocks. Definitely not the place to go for a swim that day! In the background is the large sand dune that is popular for sand boarding at the base of Injidup Point.

Titled “Rolling In” to reflect the wall of white water from the breaking wave as it rolls in over the rocks in the middle of the frame and into the gap between the rocky points.

Wyadup Rocks are located just south of Canal Rocks and north of Injidup Beach in the South West of Western Australia. A popular fishing and tourist location that like most of the South West locations is heavily photographed. It is also the home of the famous Injidup Natural Spa, where water from the ocean breaks over the outer rocks and cascades down into a protected rock pool. Popular with both tourists and locals in the summer months.

The rocks themselves are exposed to the full force of the Southern Indian Ocean. Whilst relatively safe on calmer days, they can be extremely dangerous when the swell is running and large waves pound the rocks sending spray high into the air.