Taken on the same morning and exact same location as the image “Cool Sand”, this is a multi-frame stitch to achieve a large format resolution. Given the wide angle of the panoramic it was difficult to control the sun glare coming from the right hand side as the sun rose above the horizon.

Normally I wouldn’t include this, however in this format I think it adds rather than detracts too much. After all when you look at the sun you see glare, so I guess it is natural and since that was my intention, it was left in. Another reason might be that I’m not very proficient at photoshop, so altering the image to tone down the glare was beyond my skills!

With this image I wanted a dogs eye view of the low lying sand dune above the high tide mark, where the new plants could gain a foot hold and grow amongst the partially buried seaweeds. The sunrise helps provide some additional lighting on the sand to highlight the vegetation and provide some nice colour tones in the background.

Titled “Sand Tracks” because of the small dog foot prints running along the sand in the foreground.

Dunsborough is a small coastal town in the South West of Western Australia, 250 kilometres south of Perth on the shores of Geographe Bay. A popular tourist destination all year long, but especially so in the summer months when people come from far and wide to bath in the clear shallow water of the bay and experience the various local attractions of the Margaret River region including the world class wineries, boutique breweries and powerful surf.