Simplicity (1X3C3560)


Simplistic early morning long exposure at Castle Rock Beach, Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

This is another simply composed image from the peaceful series of shots I took one early Castle Rock Beach morning. A sister image to “Minimalist” and “High Key”. Each image slightly different either by angle or format.

As with most of my images of Castle Rock Beach, I have avoided the beaches namesake as the hero of the image and concentrated on the natural beauty of the beach itself, especially at first light.

Like the other images in the series I wanted to convey a feeling of inner peace, or a calm relaxed atmosphere. Gentle by nature and composition. Utilising a long exposure to mist the water and bring out the colour of the sky and lightness of the white sand in the foreground.

Titled “Simplicity” to reflect the very simple composition.

Castle Rock Beach is a popular swimming and fishing beach near Dunsborough in Western Australia’s beautiful South West. It’s also a very heavily photographed place perhaps due to its proximity to Dunsborough. The beach gets its name from the rock structure at the eastern end, which resembles a castle with a little imagination.

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