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Smokin (3X1C8057)


Wind blown spray trails a breaking wave at Yallingup, South West, Western Australia.

Whilst on an Easter break, staying at nearby Dunsborough, being a keen surfer I decided to take a drive to check the surf. Normally I would only use the car park on the point just south of the lagoon to check the swell size and wind conditions, before making my way to more remote surf breaks. However on this day the waves were too good to ignore, so shortly after taking this image I was paddling out to catch some waves.

The view point from the car park looks side on into the main peak, which is a few hundred meters north. Using a long lens I was able to zoom into the action and capture some images looking into the barrel as the surfers scrambled to get into position. The offshore wind feathering the lip of the wave into a plume of smoke like spray as it broke. I was quite happy with the result, but faced the dilemma of leaving it in colour or converting to black and white. Like a few other images within this portfolio I couldn’t decide which, so both versions are represented. This is the colour version as a panoramic crop.

Titled “Smokin” to reflect the quality of the wave (‘smokin’ being slang for good) and the smoke like spray being blown off the wave as it peals down the reef.

Located in the South West region of Western Australia, approximately 260 kilometres south of Perth, Yallingup is a small coastal town overlooking a picturesque west facing lagoon, on the opposite side of Cape Naturaliste from the town of Dunsborough.
It is a popular tourist destination because of its beaches, limestone caves, wineries, boutique breweries and proximity to Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. It is also a very popular surfing destination, with several world class breaks on its door step.

Directly in front of the town and lagoon which provides safe swimming and snorkelling for families in the warmer months, the Yallingup Break peels over shallow reef for a few hundred meters. Depending on the size and direction of the swell and prevailing wind, the waves will range from mild and gentle to serious and hollow. A renown big wave spot which can hold waves up to 20ft plus, attracting serious surfers when the swell is oversize and the winds are offshore.

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