Solitude_Castle-Rock-Bay_Dunsborough_South-West_WA_Black and White 

Solitude (1X1BW3590)


Empty early morning solitude at Castle Rock Bay, Dunsborough, South West, Western Australia.

A long exposure, black and white image, taken on Castle Rock Beach during a vivid sunrise. It’s one of those images that has been culled from the picks numerous times, but for some reason ends up being included again.

I go through this with lots of images. When you go on a shoot, you typically take a number of images. Whilst I try to plan my shots, pick an emotion or scene I want to convey, sometimes things don’t go to plan and things go astray.

It’s often not until you get home several days later and load up all the raw files onto the computer that you see the potential or perhaps no potential in the images. If only I had tilted to the left or had that whole rock in etc. Or why did that person walk past at the time? Not being a competent in Photoshop these are serious issues for me, which result in a number of images being culled for these sorts of defects.

Yet some images, just don’t work from a composition point of view. They may be confused or the leading lines just don’t work. The story you were trying to convey and what looked great in the view finder, just don’t transpire into the raw file.

This image suffers from poor composition and lack of story. I know what I wanted to convey, but in my mind I failed to do so. That said, for some reason it stirs an emotion in me. Possibly to remind me that things aren’t always perfect in nature and sometime we don’t always achieve what we set out to. Perhaps that’s the story of this image and why it is still here.

I still don’t know whether or not I actually like it or not. So perhaps it will be deleted again in the near future.

Titled “Solitude” to reflect the peaceful and quiet location, undisturbed by others.

Castle Rock Beach is a popular swimming and fishing beach near Dunsborough in Western Australia’s beautiful South West. It’s also a very heavily photographed place perhaps due to its proximity to Dunsborough. The beach gets its name from the rock structure at the eastern end, which resembles a castle with a little imagination.

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