Following up on a suggestion that I should also include the colour version of “Cloudy Haze”, simply because I understand that black and white is not everyone’s preference, I’ve included it in the portfolio to share.

A large format panoramic image of a pleasant day on the beach at Eagle Bay, near Dunsborough. You will notice that the lines or haze in the sky is not as pronounced in colour as they are in black and white, hence my initial reasoning for not including the image in the portfolio. I could probably enhance them in Photoshop (if I knew how!), but in my mind that would be cheating and I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Despite it not having the same detailed textures and structure of the black and white equivalent, I still find it a pleasant image, much like the day it was captured. Not perfect, but not bad. But like all things related to art, it is personal preference, and what appeals to some, may not appeal to others. I know some people love the colour and others the black and white version. It’s your choice. And hey you might not like either, but that is ok too 

Titled “Spring Day” to reflect the time of the year and to stop me being confused with the black and white version “Cloudy Haze” when looking through my catalogue.

The South West corner of Western Australia has many magical spots, with Eagle Bay, not far from Dunsborough a standout. Which is why I guess in the wooded hinterland behind it lies some of Western Australia’s most expensive holiday houses. The coastline is normally calm with clear water and white sandy beaches, separated by orange coloured rocky outcrops and points. Protected by Cape Naturaliste from the relentless large ocean swells, it is in stark contrast to the other side of the cape, world famous for its large and powerful surf breaks.