Me with my youngest son, who loves my camera…


Welcome to the first post in my general blog in the space where I intend to share my views and news on anything to do with my photography. From equipment reviews to planned workshops and everything in between. The intention is to post articles regularly, but sometimes life just gets in the way of things, not leaving a lot of time to be spending late nights tapping away at a keyboard. So whilst I’d like you to think I’m at some exotic location shooting incredible images or working hard editing a new batch to share with you, the reality is I’m probably just doing some mundane task or entertaining one of my three kids, most notably the demanding toddler who thinks dads expensive cameras are not only toys, but his toys. Perhaps given his interest in photography already, they may be his one day. In fact its always a challenge to take images when he is around, due to his curiosity with the camera and desire to be the one pressing the shutter. The image above is a case in point. I’ve lost count of the number of times he has nearly dropped my DLSR with L series lenses attached or poured beach sand into my camera bag!

On a recent trip to New York, I thought ahead and made sure I had a light but capable point and shoot camera for him to use whilst I used my heavy DSLR. He loved it and managed to fire off over 600 images in the space of a few days, mainly around times square. Initially I tried to guide him with what to shoot, but like his mother, he is fiercely independent and decided that he was going to shoot what he wanted, how he wanted and when he wanted. Surprisingly besides a number of feet shots, and images of non descript objects he managed to get a few interesting shots. A window into the mind of a 3yr old that isn’t yet influenced or molded to conform to rules. How kids see the world is refreshingly different and we could actually learn from them. Perhaps I’ll let him guide a photography walk one day…. the results might be a successful and welcome change if we can let ourselves go and harness our inner child to view things in an innocent light.

If your new to these pages or just happened to stumble upon this post by accident (lucky you) then you might like to check out my profile to get a better understanding as to what makes me tick and why I do what I do. If your not really interested in what I have to say and just want to check out my images to see if I can actually compose a half decent image, then just jump to the portfolio. It’s ok I won’t be offended, after all I have no idea you’re actually reading this. If I did I would probably be mortified and curl up into the foetal position whilst sobbing my heart out, before heading to a beach to take some dark moody shots of a storm rolling in.

Thinking about it, that would probably be good for me and help with those times when it’s hard to get motivated to crawl out of a warm, dry bed early in the morning and stand in the cold and rain to capture a stunning image, that may never present, whilst everyone else is still sleeping in their warm beds. I’m one of those that might struggle to get out of bed, I’m always grateful to have been able to witness the sunrise to start the day.

So, as you might have guessed from reading my profile (you did read it didn’t you?….) or perhaps the long descriptions in the galleries (where it says “read more” at the end of the caption), I wear my heart on my sleeve. Often the seriousness of what I’m conveying is clouded by poor humour or sarcasm, perhaps as a form of defence, or perhaps I’m just one mixed up soul stumbling through life.





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