Tombstones_Pinnacles_Nambung-National-Park_Cervantes_Perth_Central-West_WA_Black and White 

Tombstones (3X2BW1423)


Ancient tombstone like limestone pillars at the Pinnacles within Nambung National Park, Cevantes, near Perth, Central West, Western Australia.

These pinnacles were captured in black and white, late in the day, evident by the long shadows cast. The give a good representation of the uniqueness and individuality of the various limestone pillars within the Pinnacles Desert, near Cevantes in Western Australia. You can also see the shifting sands of the desert around the pinnacles, created by strong winds as they reshape the landscape.

Titled “Tombstones” as it reminds me of tombstones in a grave yard.

The Pinnacles desert is a major tourist attraction within the Nambung National Park east of Cervantes in the Central West of Western Australia. Being only approximately 2 hour’s drive from Perth it receives up to 250,000 visitors per year, and as a result is a very heavily photographed area. It contains thousands of limestone pinnacles, some up to 5m high. Formed many thousands of years ago through the act of rain falling on stabilised sand dunes. This then leached down through the sand carrying calcium which resulted in the lower levels of the dunes solidifying into limestone. Eventually the dunes de stabilised and were blown away revealing the Pinnacles which remained.

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