Trails_Canal-Rocks_Smiths-Beach_Yallingup_South-West_WA_Black and White

Trails (1X1BW5255)


Cloud trails in black and white over Canal Rocks near Smiths Beach, Yallingup, South West, Western Australia.

Whilst on the previous night I had stood and captured a number of dark and moody black and white images as a storm passed over Canal Rocks, near Yallingup in Western Australia’s South West corner, this night was different. The sunset was more colourful and penetrated higher into the sky due to the absence of the heavy cloud cover that was prevalent the night before. It would be a crime not to capture the scene in colour, however in between doing so, I also managed to compose some images that I thought would do equally well in black and white.

This is one such image and is actually the same image as “Wispy”, which also appears in the portfolio not because I was short of images to display, but because I couldn’t choose between the two. Whilst the black and white doesn’t have the same cheery feel as the colour version, it is by no means a dark and miserable image like some of those taken the night before. Being a touch lighter in tone, with a good mix of contrast, it is more palatable to a greater number of people. I.e. you don’t need to be depressed to find the image appealing like you do with some of my other images!

The rocks peeking out of the long exposure generated misty water, remind me of mountain peaks in the clouds. Yes I have a vivid imagination… Definitely another one of my favourites!

Titled “Trails” to reflect the cloud trails caused by high winds in the atmosphere and to differentiate it from the colour version “Wispy” as that would be just too confusing for me.

Canal rocks are a series of rocky outcrops lined up close together, just off the mainland near Smiths Beach at Yallingup in the South West of Western Australia, which form a canal like passage between the rocks on the mainland and the rocky outcrops in the sea. A heavily visited and photographed location.

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